Clients Say

Dina Perez-Neira, Ph.D.Dr. R.L: “…I was really impressed with how well you handled t his. Not only are you exceptionally professional, but you demonstrate a perceptive understanding and a facile ability to communicate in a way that others not only understand your suggestions, but more importantly, feel that you genuinely understand their situation.”

E.L.: [After a stress management skill practice] “This is very helpful! Are we still here?  It felt like a lullaby.  This treatment is a gift.”

R.V.: “My neck pain is now at 0/10 and the worst at 5/10 within the week, my appetite is back, I’m sleeping 8 hours per night, I regained interests, my memory is back and last night I was able to memorize material for school test this morning, great concentration, good mood, and feeling optimistic about my pain management and vocational future.  I look forward to next session.”

M.K.: “I’m now able to stop the panic attacks and the last one happened a long time ago.”

A.G.: “You do a really good job.  I give you super high marks!”

T.J.: “You are a different kind of therapist, you know a lot, it is easy to trust you.  You’re a wonderful person in all areas, and I’m going to be alright because of the work we did together.”

R.G.: “Your help has meant much more than you will ever know.”

M.W.: “From the beginning of our therapy everything is going better, I feel really good, positivey and hopeful.  Thank you.  I trust you and I don’t trust a lot of people.”

R.dG.: “I’m doing better.  I thank God and you for taking some of the pain away, I cry less at night, walk 6 times a week, go out with friends every two days, and I stand for longer periods of time with less pain.”

Y.S.: [After understanding about physiology of pain] “Now I understand why this therapy is effective!”

K.S.: “By treating my husband for PTSD you saved our family.”

R.S.: “I’ve suffered chronic pain for 20 years and I had never learned this!”

F.S.: “I’m amazed at how you could work with someone like me, with such a major depression!”

R.S.: “I used to hold so much tension I was not able to relax, even my hands would shake when I was doing my relaxation exercises.”

A.W.: “I’m decreasing my Oxycontin pills because I don’t like to take pain pills since I’m learning coping skills.”

F.S.: “You’re lovely, you understand me.  I’m doing much better after starting treatment for my depression.”

D.P.: “I hadn’t slept for six years; now it’s great!  I’m getting 8-9 hours and getting up rested.  Before, my treatment didn’t help.”

K.T.: “I had never had adequate treatment for my depression until now.”

L.L.: “I feel pretty good.  This is the greatest week.  You couldn’t get me out of your office because I really love it here. I’m feeling accomplished.  Things are much better with my husband, in fact, he is buying me lunch today.”

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