Colleagues Say

Dina Perez-Neira, Ph.D.

Thank you for all you bring to your work and all that you shared with our team. One staff member said that she teared up and two others said that it touched the core of why they got into this work. It revitalized everybody. They loved it. I so hoped that it would. Thanks for everything.
Steven Benoit, MFT
Access Program Coordinator
SF Behavioral Health Access Center

“I have had the pleasure of working closely with Dr. Dina Perez-Neira, assessing and treating patients with complex pain problems.  She is a talented and skilled communicator, teacher, therapist who is able to bond with the most troubled and ‘difficult’ patients.  Individuals in need respond to her compassionate approach, learn cognitive and behavioral skills from her, and come away functioning better in their world because of her.  And she can do this is two languages!”
Robert V. Brody, M.D.
Attending physician, Pain Service and Chief, Pain Consultation Clinic, San Francisco General Hospital
Clinical Professor of Medicine and Family & Community Medicine, UCSF

“Dr. Perez-Neira holds a multicultural state of mind that is integrated in her practice and personal life. Dr. Perez-Neira is exceptionally dedicated, knowledgeable and enthusiastic about life and this is reflected in her professional practice as well.”
Marlene Maria Crespo, Psy D
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Children’s Hospital & Research Center at Oakland
Early Childhood Mental Health

“You are the best!!!!   I don’t know if anyone has ever told you… would be a great psychologist for television!    THANKS so much for all that you do for the community!    You are an inspiration, and definitely make a difference!”
R. M., RN, MS

“Dr. Perez-Neira is a wonderful psychologist and colleague.  Her clients feel like they’re talking to their best friend and they leave with so much more insight of themselves than they could have ever imagined. As a colleague, she makes us feel so much better also.”
Edward Lor, PharmD
Assistant Clinical Professor
UCSF,  School of Pharmacy

“Dina has been a friend and neighbor of mine for more than 25 years.  Over that time I have been awed at her amazing energy, her drive and persistence, her intelligence, her sense of humor, and her warmth and integrity.  When I consulted her for help with pain management I knew I would be in good hands but I did not anticipate the incredible turnaround she was instrumental in executing.  I had injured my knee on a Pilates machine 8 years ago and for seven of the past 8 years I was literally unable to put weight on my left foot.  I went to every imaginable kind of doctor, desperate to walk and the treatments ranged from physical therapy to shots of synovisc to shots of novacaine but nothing helped.  When I started working with Dina one year ago I had almost given up hope.  Today I am walking comfortably.  Dina helped me implement a program combining a pain medication that worked with techniques for managing the pain so that my knee had a chance to heal.  Her approach was eclectic and inspiring.  I knew that she wanted to see me walking as much as I wanted to walk which truly kept me going when I thought progress would be impossible.  She created a trusting environment so that I followed her directions to the letter and her faith and absolute belief that I would improve encouraged me not to give up.  I can only give Dina the highest recommendation as a professional.  She really knows her field in depth, she never gives her clients anything less than her absolute best effort, and she demonstrates an extraordinary ability to help people heal themselves.”
Anne Morton, Ph.D., CPCC
Executive, Life & Business Coaching

“Dr. Perez-Neira brings a wealth of life experience, clinical expertise and her warm energetic personality to her practice.  Her capacity to do therapy in both Spanish and English and her familiarity with couples work, treatment of chronic pain, and the demands of parenting contribute to her versatility and creativity as a clinician.”
Carol Kerr, Ph.D.
Chief Psychologist,
Graduate Clinical Training Program
Marin County Health and Human Services, Division of Community Mental Health

“Dina Perez-Neira is a skilled experienced, intelligent, and warm-hearted therapist.  She was a valued member of our team, especially with Hispanic clients.”
Dr. Alvin Raja Hornstein
Independent Professional
Formerly with Marin County Community Mental Health Services

“Dr. Perez-Neira is a warm, enthusiastic person who always thinks the best of others. Highly trained in pain management, PTSD, and mood disorders, she exhibits the highest level of professionalism, expertise, and problem-solving abilities. And not only this — she is a joy to work with as a colleague.”
Julia Shiang, Ph.D.
Formerly with Stanford University

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